Below are some answers to common questions about course enrolment.
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You must have a patient to complete this course. We recommend you actively treat a patient from your practice. The patient will be required to attend the Clinical 1 session (60 minute assessment appointment) and if you are enrolled in the Invisalign Principles Course, Clinical 2 session (60 minute clinical appointment).

To be deemed suitable for treatment with Invisalign your patient should be an adult (18 years or older) with a Class 1 molar relationship with anterior crowding or spacing, be caries free and have a sound periodontal status.    

The following patient details must be uploaded to the Course registration page on Southern Cross Dental education site no later than one (1) week after confirmation of your course date: name, date of birth, relevant medical history, any treatment concerns, a set of extra-oral photographs (full face, full face smiling, profile), a set of intra-oral photographs (maxillary arch, mandibular arch, right lateral, left lateral and anterior with bite closed). Failure to provide this information will compromise your registration.

Your patient will also require OPG and lateral cephalometric scans which must also be uploaded onto the course registration page.

Within 48 hours of submitting this information you will receive an email from the Southern Cross Dental Invisalign team advising whether or not your patient is suitable for treatment with Invisalign as part of the course. If not approved, you will be advised to select another patient to treat as part of the course. Once your patient is approved they must complete and sign the Patient Consent Form which you return to Southern Cross Dental.

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Registration is completed online. You will not be able to register for a course that commences within five (5) weeks from our acceptance of your application except with our prior approval. An online assessment occurs based generally on your qualifications, orthodontic experience and background, and any prior training and education in orthodontics, and may be followed by a surgery visit by one of Invisalign Australia’s Practice Development Managers ("PDMs") to verify the suitability of the course allocation - see Section 4.

At the time of your online registration you will be required to provide full payment with a credit card. Failure to pay for the course in full will jeopardise your enrolment.

Following your initial registration you must complete the online Pre-Course Module ("PCM") within two (2) weeks.

The information within the PCM is integral to the course and the course educators will assume that you now know this. When you pass the test you will proceed through to course attendance.

When you are contacted by a Practice Development Manager (PDM) after your initial registration you must facilitate the surgery visit to occur within five (5) - ten (10) working days of your registration. Failure to meet this timeline may jeopardise your allocation to your nominated course.

When all elements of your registration are complete you will receive an email advising of your confirmed course date, location and the times of attendance. Once your course date has been allocated, there is no automatic entitlement to vary it.

You must comply with all stages, instructions and timeframes outlined online and in the protocol. Failure to do so may result in your dismissal from the course and may include a financial penalty.

See Terms and Conditions.

Course fee does not include patient treatment costs, aligners and retention fees. The staff discount does not apply if your staff member is treated as part of the course.

If you cancel your course application up to four (4) weeks prior to Theory 1 you will incur a 50% cancellation fee.  If you cancel your course application less than four (4) weeks prior to Theory 1 there will be no refund (extenuating circumstances may be considered at the sole discretion of Southern Cross Dental).

If you do not attend all or part of your nominated course without prior notification there will be no refund (extenuating circumstances may be considered at the sole discretion of Southern Cross Dental).

Attendees may only postpone or reschedule / transfer from one course to another course once in a twelve month period. Full payment must be made prior to transferring.

Any further request for another transfer will only be considered after the twelve month period has elapsed.

You will receive your Invisalign course certificate of attendance at the completion of Theory 2 session which will also advise your claimable CPD points.

You will be listed in the Doctor Locator on the Invisalign Australia website when you have submitted ten (10) or more cases over a 12 month period.

If you attend the Invisalign Training Course, your patient’s case will be recorded, tracked and managed through Invisalign Australia. If you also attend the Invisalign Principles Course, your patient’s case will be recorded, tracked and managed through Southern Cross Dental.